• Jedi at 40: why the final act is the greatest moment in Star Wars

    Return of the Jedi brought the original Star Wars trilogy to a spectacular end. To mark its 40th anniversary, Rebel Briefing’s Anthony Murphy explains why the movie’s final act is the greatest moment in Star Wars history…

  • Why Return of the Jedi Still Rocks At 40!

    Next week marks 40 years since Return of the Jedi was released in US cinemas. By the Maker, haven’t the decades flown by like an out-of-control Speeder bike! The movie had a lot to live up to following the success of The Empire Strikes Back. It also had to tie up all the loose ends…

  • Obi-Wan Kenobi: King of the Clones

    Attack of the Clones is 20 years old. Like a fine Naboolian wine, the middle chapter of the prequel trilogy gets better with age. To commemorate its anniversary, Rebel Briefing celebrates the movie’s links to a revered Jedi Knight. Hello there! Today we are celebrating two big events at Rebel Briefing. Firstly… tomorrow will be…

  • The Secret History of Star Wars

    The Secret History of Star Wars is a thoroughly unauthorised book. It brings together a vast amount of detective work to sort fact from legend to reveal how the saga really evolved. Author Michael Kaminski spoke to Rebel Briefing about the tome’s creation and legacy. Boasting a whopping 533 pages, The Secret History of Star…

  • The Empire Strikes Back: The Jewel in the Star Wars Crown

    Bounty hunters, blizzards and betrayal. The Empire Strikes Back had it all. To mark the 40th anniversary of its release, Rebel Briefing’s Anthony Murphy celebrates the best film of the Star Wars Saga. My love for Star Wars began in 1980 with The Empire Strikes Back. I was lucky to see A New Hope and…

  • A Saga Out of Balance

    It’s a wrap! After 42 years and nine movies, the generation-spanning Skywalker Saga has come to an end. Is The Rise of Skywalker a fitting finale? To quote Obi-Wan one last time, it all depends on a certain point of view.

  • Echo Base… I’ve Got Something!

    Below the frozen surface of Hoth, General Rieekan addresses the Rebel ranks. The subject is Echo Base. But he’s not talking about surprise Imperial invasions or Wampa attacks. Instead he’s discussing the Echo Base Facebook group – a growing alliance of Star Wars toys enthusiasts.

  • The Phantom Menace at 20

    Two decades on, it still remains divisive. But, with The Last Jedi now the punching bag of the Star Wars universe, The Phantom Menace can breathe a sigh of relief that it’s no longer the most hated film of the franchise.

  • Bad Guys Doing Good

    Rebel Briefing sat down with the Commanding Officer of the 501st UK Garrison to gather vital intel about the group. Here is part 1 of our official report.

  • Bad Guys Doing Good pt.2

    Stormtroopers are a taciturn bunch, but nothing could be further from the truth when talking to Gary Hailes. The Commanding Officer of the 501st UK Garrison takes another break from his day to day duties with the Empire to share a little more of what life is like in a galaxy a little closer to…