Rebel Briefing’s mission is to celebrate the people who put the Force into Star Wars: the fans. Whatever your passion is, we’d love to tell your story.

We want to hear about how the saga has inspired your life and how your love of Star Wars has, in return, shaped our favourite galaxy far, far away.

Whether you’re a modern-day Jedi, a tinkerer of droids and props, cosplay fan, artist, or a scruffy nerf herder, we want to hear about all your tricks and nonsense. Don’t worry, you’ll be safe speaking to our pitiful little band.

In return, we’ll publish exciting and informative features about your Star Wars passion projects. You’ll also find reviews and editorials about all the critical news and subjects. Hopefully, you will enjoy what we do.

Just like the Rebellion, we rely on your vital intel about what’s happening across the fanbase. To help us with our mission, please contact Rebel Briefing about how you celebrate Star Wars. We would be honoured if you would join us.

And just in case you’re wondering – no Bothans died to bring you this information!

Best wishes – Anthony (editor).

About Anthony Murphy

Anthony is the editor of Rebel Briefing. When not spying for the Rebellion, he is a freelance journalist, content writer, and communications specialist. He has a degree in Film & Media Studies from the University of London.

Anthony has been writing about Star Wars for as long as he can remember. His first article as a 5-year-old boy was a Happy Birthday message to Luke Skywalker (did you get it, Mr Hamill?).

Receiving copies of Bantha Tracks in his mailbox a long, long time ago also taught Anthony the power of news and the written word. It’s no surprise his first professional film review as a cub reporter for his local newspaper was about Star Wars: A New Hope (Special Edition ). Rebel Briefing combines his passion for writing, journalism and Star Wars.

When off duty, you’ll find him watching football (soccer), searching the internet for the perfect Kuwahara BMX, or thinking about chocolate chip cookies. He is also a contributor to The Future of the Force website. Anthony lives in Buckinghamshire, UK with his wife and son.

You can contact him at RebelBriefing@gmail.com or on Twitter @RebelBriefing

If you need a talking head for your Star Wars podcast, Anthony’s always happy to chat.

Let’s build something together.

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